3 Unique Family Reunion Ideas that are Certain to be a Hit!

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With the weather heating up and the sun outside, family reunions are unavoidable. Meaning you likely have some preparation to do! Make your long family vacation one for the books by trying one out (or all) of these unique family design ideas.

Charter a Motorcoach: This novel method of transport will be fun and comfortable for everyone on your team. Whether you want it only for the day to get an enjoyable adventure activity or you use it the entire time to hit up national parks or landmarks, then you won’t repent the family togetherness you get to a charter. If you charter an Oregon charter bus, you not only get transport, you also get to enjoy onboard amenities, comfortable seating, along with a professional driver that will save you the headache of browsing roads while also trying to catch up with family.

Do an External Movie Night: Get a projector, then hang a sheet up, get comfy blankets and cushions, and pull out all the stops with the movie treats. An outdoor film under the stars is a great way to assist cousins bond and let the adults take some time to get some R&R.

Hire a Photographer: Get a photographer to come and take both candid images throughout the day and introduced, professional images so you can recall your reunion for a long time to come. You’ll love having photos, especially ones which catch you bond with those you love most with a charter bus.

Family reunions are a great way to keep the family near with Oregon charter bus if you live miles apart.

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