3 Ways to Utilize a Shuttle for Your Business

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When it comes to your business convenience, customer support, and group events are always important. Luckily, shuttles can help solve key issues and make transporting your guests and employees a breeze. If you have thought about chartering a shuttle, but don’t know exactly how it could benefit you, no worries! We have got a list of practical ways you can use a charter bus Portland Oregon for your corporate functions:

Employee Commuter Shuttle: Show some love to the environment and to your employees by providing an employee commuter shuttle. Commuting can be rough, but having a direct line shuttle improves the drive and lets employees catch up on Netflix or even on some sleep.

Corporate Functions: Whether you are throwing a black tie fundraising gala or you are having a family fun BBQ, transportation is a big necessity. Especially if there isn’t enough parking available at the venue. Make everyone’s life easier and get a charter shuttle to transport employees and their guests to and from the corporate functions.

Client Transportation: If you have an event or even if you have a large parking lot, shuttles are a great way to improve customer relations. No one wants to walk a long way just to get to the front door of your location so offering charter bus Portland Oregon at your event or at your place of business shows customers that you care.

No matter how big or how small your company is, chances are that you’ll need to charter a shuttle at one time or another for group transportation. Shuttles offer convenience and quality service and that means that once you charter a shuttle once, you’ll likely want to charter one over and over again for corporate functions.

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