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When you gather to celebrate the marriage of two people who Have discovered happiness together, you can’t want to believe this joyous union could one day result in an event or debilitating divorce and separation. But, truth is, statistics aren’t very favorable these days. Now’s divorce rate is climbing higher and higher, and the disintegration of second unions is much more common. Many relationships have been influenced by infidelity and it’s a subject that needs to be understood.

Esther Perel is a therapist who has worked with partners for decades. Her most recent book addresses the subject of infidelity, and she sat down with Lewis Howes to talk about it. In that interview, she shared several helpful insights. We thought we’d share some of them in this informative article for the advantage of any lovebirds who are beginning a new chapter as husband and wife.

1. Esther talks about being brave enough to discuss hard things together. It’s vital for a couple to discuss the deep things, and these are the questions she gave as examples: “Have you ever been heartbroken? Have you ever left someone at a [bad] way? Have you been cheated on? Have you ever made up with somebody who cheated on you? Have you got trust issues?”

2. Another point? Lewis and Esther discuss how, in the modern concept of love, we sort of expect that one person will be in a position to be and do everything for us. In Esther’s words : “We need one individual to give us what once an whole village” This is an impossible standard. Putting all of the responsibility on your partner to look after you and make the relationship good is a recipe for failure.

3. What about if hope was broken in a relationship? What then? If couples decide to work during it, Perel pointed out that an acknowledgment of this error is essential by the individual that has violated the trust–but that’s inadequate. They have to be there for the fallout. Finally, whoever broke the confidence must allow their partner to feel their emotions–admit them, get angry, speak to it, work through itand also be supportive and enjoying throughout the procedure.

4. Esther referenced the work of John Gottman by mentioning his “4 horses of the apocalypse”: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. When a relationship operates off the tracks, usually at least one of these 4 behaviors is present. But the surprising thing is that: if issues arise within a relationship, we frequently think the issues are the issue. Esther said, nevertheless, that how the issues are dealt with is perhaps more telling than the real concerns.

5. Esther asserts that couples who have great relationships over The long term “keep a level of attention with each other.” They do not allow the relationship get stale, they are affectionate, and they still continue to have fun together. Creating this kind of effort prevents the connection from becoming humdrum and boring.

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