5 National Parks You Will Want to Throw Your Next Family Reunion At

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Make the most of the United States’ gorgeous national parks this year by taking your loved ones on a chartered motorcoach excursion to explore. Your family reunion will be unforgettable when you get to experience the glorious views which exist at national parks throughout the nation. To actually be wowed, try one of these five parks as your family reunion destination:

Yosemite: Breathtaking waterfalls, giant sequoia trees, and stunning land formations are just a couple of the sites you’ll enjoy in your own hikes throughout Yosemite. Your whole family will enjoy their time in this awe-inducing park.

Yellowstone: Take your own motorcoach family reunion trip to Yellowstone and enjoy 2.2 million glorious acres of warm springs, woods, and geysers. With all that this park has to offer, you’ll have days and days of family enjoyment.

Olympic: Head on over the the PNW and find snow capped mountains as well as over 70 miles of coastline. This park offers a little something for everybody from the greatest outdoor enthusiast to the new amateur photographer.

Arches: Experience the miracle of this famous’delicate arch’ and enjoy hiking, biking, and four-wheel riding at the fantastic Utah National Park. One thing is for certain once you go to Arches with a motorcoach – you will have fun!

Acadia: As the first National Park east of the Mississippi, Acadia has made a name for itself. Your family will appreciate the diverse landscapes nestled along the Maine coastline including lakes, mountains, woodlands, and ocean shorelines.

Wherever you decide to go this summer for your family reunion, make sure you plan your days out and to utilize an Oregon charter bus as the primary form of transportation. Both of these little details will play a big role in the oganization and peace of mind on your trip with Oregon charter bus.

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