5 Reasons Why A Coach is Ideal for Business Transportation

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Here at Northwest Navigator, we specialize in group transportation services. This post is part of our”5 Reasons Why A Coach is Perfect for…” series, and today we are gonna provide you five single-sentence explanations for why coach transportation is perfect for your small business transportation needs.

1. Because we have a varied fleet, we have a vehicle to match the dimensions of your group.

2. If you are throwing an office party, there’s no transportation service like a Portland party bus for receiving the whole group from A to B and back again.

3. Motorcoaches are great for executive order; let’s do the driving as you concentrate on planning and relaxation.

4. If alcohol has been served in your company event, let our drivers make sure that everyone gets home safely.

5. At large business events, traffic flow is handled and simplified if we provide shuttle services.

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