A Touch Of Northwest Navigator

One of the best ways to travel is through Portland buses. Such luxury motor coach buses will certainly make your trips a little less tiring. Northwest Navigator is one of the best motor coach companies in the country. They offer world class motor coaches at a very affordable price. A member of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the area of Portland, the company is renowned for their excellent travel packages and special offers. NW Navigator considered themselves as the best traveling company with the best service. Their motor coaches travel throughout Washington, Oregon and other major cities. Because of their efforts, they were awarded with the Green Certification Leaf as the first company on the West Coast with a Green emblem.

What To Expect From Northwest Navigator

We can expect the latest models of motor coaches, reliable service and luxurious trips if we hire Northwest Navigator. Drivers consider each trip to be as safe and as responsible as ever. Along with the cheerful drivers, the buses are powered by 100% biodiesel, meaning all the exhausts are safe. This biodiesel technology is new in Oregon coaching and it is considered as a cutting edge state of the art fuel for the automotive industry.

Facts About The Company

One of the most frequent questions that people often ask about the buses is about the number of seats per bus as well as the added amenities offered in each trip. Each bus can hold around 33 to 56 seats and a restroom. Since there is already a restroom, travelers no longer need to go out to a dirty stopover in order to visit a toilet. They can use the restroom inside the bus while they are traveling. Each bus also contains DVD players, Wi-Fi connection and even AC/DC plugs for those who would want to charge up their electronic devices. Lastly, the bus charges upon arrival to the client’s destination, from travel time and mileage, all is free until the client reaches his destination.

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