A Tour Guide To Central Oregon And Bend

The Northwest Navigator has opened an office in Bend Oregon. This is to serve more people who are traveling by bus from Portland to Bend or from Bend to Portland by bus. The growth of the volume of their commuter bus passengers from and to Bend is steadily increasing over the years. This is in line with the company’s mission of providing its loyal commuter with a better bus service, a comfortable ride, a safer travel and on time departure and arrival time.

Today, Bend is more economically stable and progressive with the steady growth of its aviation industry. The bend is at the forefront of the aviation industry in central Oregon led by the Precise Flight, one of the first aerospace companies in Central Oregon and based in Bend. Central Oregon is also the leading supplier of various parts and components of certified aviation aircraft to commercial companies such as Boeing, Lockheed, General Dynamics and many others.

The central Oregon’s aviation industry is also the leading provider of manufacturer’s kit for experimental aircraft that can be assembled even on private garage. It is comprised of more than 60 companies that supply and manufacture kit aircraft and its components not only to commercial aviation companies but also to amateur and enthusiast who wants to assemble their own working and safe small aircraft. This company includes the popular name such as the Lancair, BD Micro Technologies, Sport Copter, Epic Air and Windward Performance.

The Northwest Navigator, a luxury motor coach company in Portland Oregon and with their charter bus, you can visit Bend at seeing those aerospace and aviation industries and research complex and be amazed and awed by its advanced technologies and unique and amazing small plane and helicopter kit, spare parts, components including remote controlled drones. You can buy one and assemble it on your garage.

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