ADA Transportation

Every day, across the Pacific Northwest area, numbers of people make their way from one of destination to the next by utilizing public transportation, by hailing a cab or by operating their own vehicle. For some individuals, however, right to your pathway from point A to B requires special considerations. The entire world thinks that all people, in addition to the conditions that govern their mobility, deserve a transportation service that’s dedicated to the safety, comfort and well-being of its passengers. At Northwest Navigator, we’re proud to create that investment.

Northwest Navigator provides a transportation service that specialize ADA-compliant buses. At Northwest Navigator, we strive to create only the perfect transportation experience for our customers, during the time of the initial booking to your final drop-off.
Our main objective is to provide reliability and service excellence, while eliminating the barriers those with disability and ageing currently face, enabling our clients to develop and enhance their total well being.

At Northwest Navigator our customers come first and we make sure they feel as comfortable as they would be driving his or her own vehicle. No matter what vehicle you will need, the price will always be affordable.

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