Bend Is An Ideal Place To Live In Retirement

“Farewell Bend” an original name for the City of Bend in Oregon, a name designated by early American Pioneers on the location along the bending portion of Deschutes River where later, the town was established. The US Postal Service later shortened the name into Bend for the purpose of convenience. Today, Bend main public land transportation is serviced by the Northwest Navigator through Bend to Portland bus commuter service. As the name implies, the early American Pioneers may have fascinated the natural beauty of the bending river and as they are about to leave, someone else quipped the words, “farewell bend” referring to the bending portion of the river.

The City of Bend is a popular retirement haven in Central Oregon where several outdoor activities could be enjoyed. A typical rural living blessed with modern conveniences and rich nature’s beauty. One of its best natural features is the towering ponderosa pines that surround the residential and commercial area. It’s a small city and walking along the streets in the early morning or in the evening is safe and secured. As retirees wanted to enjoy the good quality of life, they find that Bend is an ideal place to live at peace with nature, fresh organic farm products and has the necessary conveniences that a big city can offer.

As we grow older, perhaps not too tired, we need to do some regular physical activities in order to maintain our physical health. There are a lot of physical activities to enjoy, hiking, skiing, boating, fishing to name a few. We also need to live with less stress and worries in order to improve our quality of life and to enjoy the benefits of what we have worked hard during our full productive life. Bend is indeed a place to live, to enjoy and to appreciate the remaining years in our life.

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