Bend: The Perfect Place To Spend Summer

The most fantastic place to launch when it comes to adventure is Bend. The place has so much destinations and resources for people who love outdoor adventures. There is a bus from Portland to Bend that one can ride to reach the place.

Of course, by visiting Bend, all activities can be engaged by everybody as long as there is enough time to swing onto it. The city, considered as one of the largest found in Central Oregon have at least 71 beautiful parks with recreational trails. When traveling for almost thirty minutes, outside of the town, one will truly find golf courses, fly fishing, and whitewater rafting. The fly-fishing is located in the Deschutes River having 1,000 climbing routes and skiable acres of 3,600.

Guests or perhaps visitors here can enjoy Paddleboard on any of the 40 lakes found in the region, one can also camp and hike in the famous Three Sisters Wilderness. There is also a summit called Pilot Butte which is 479 feet tall found in the town’s center. Spend some hours as well to sip and taste different craft beers and climb the 20 foot rocks on Cascade Highway. Once tired of hiking at bend, dine at the sunset by searing some scallops found at the top of the Mount Bachelor.

Bend, has so much to give to all visitors and some are enjoying the gushing of air as they go through the downtown of Bend riding on a bicycle. Young and old, love to go biking in Bend since the place give everyone the beauty of the ponderosa pine and the view of the well known snow-capped Cascade Mountain.

So, if anyone wants to unwind this summer, suggest Bend since there is a bus from Portland to Bend that could make every travel so memorable. By the way, if you love movies, the mountain that is seen as a background in Paramount Pictures, that is Bend.

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