Bend to Portland Bus – A New Way to Take a Trip

Nowadays, people are finding different ways to go on long trips rather than having to drive their own vehicles and spend outrageous amounts of money on gas. One type that many people have found to be effective is taking a Bend to Portland bus to certain places.

These trips can last anywhere from a day trip to a weeklong trip to places like Bend or Portland Oregon. Companies all over the United States have made large amounts of money simply by buying a few coach buses, hiring professional drivers, and taking people on trips.

Businesses may also hire Bend to Portland bus of Northwest Navigator as a cost effective method to help get a large group of people to events like a group meeting, recreational camp, or a racing event. Entertainment companies may also hire bus companies as temporary shuttles for events like festivals or conferences.

Events like a high school prom are also big events for bus rental of Northwest Navigator because party buses can be used in place of limousines to drive large groups of kids. These party buses can also be used for other social events as a form of private luxury transportation. Weddings are also big to use buses because many couples are now hiring old preserved buses as their wedding transportation rather than the traditional car.

These days, if a professional sports team is going on a cross country trip, they usually use the team jet; however, if it is a short enough trip to use ground transportation, many sports teams use a Bend to Portland bus to help transport them from city to city. College teams usually always use chartered buses for transportation since it is much more cost effective to drive from game to game rather than fly everywhere.

Other groups in the national spotlight who also use a Bend to Portland bus are bands or groups who are travelling on tour from venue to venue and who need mobile rest and recreation facilities. Although some of these bands own their own bus, many often rent out buses when they go on tour since it is easier to transport the group and gear.

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