• high school reunion, portland party bus

    Planning a High School Reunion

    When you log to memories of school, what exactly is it that you recall? Can it be the noise of your trainer when you worked on conditioning, crying across the area on fall evenings? The odor of bread that is little loaves being marketed in the hallway between classes? Parties and soccer matches, or that […]

  • Global Warming, bus rental portland

    Global Warming’s Not a Joke

    How a lot of us vaccinate our children to stop the spreading of disease, place some food aside to prepare for a catastrophe, so we are able to afford to send our children to 32, or carefully put money away? As the examples illustrate, we take steps to get ready for the long run in […]

  • The Worth of Traditions, portland party bus

    The Worth of Traditions

    Families do reunions in ways that are various. A few clans get together at exactly the exact same region, a hub which is now something which fits like a shoe that is old. Other families prefer to go someplace new for each and every reunion, possibly trying a new variant on a constant motif (e.g. […]

  • Woodstock, bend oregon charter bus

    What About Woodstock?

    1969 was an intriguing year for many reasons. The United States was involved with the Vietnam war, Nixon became president of the USA, and guy landed on the moon, to name a few. And then. . .there was Woodstock. The majority of us have attended a concert and appreciated hearing a band play for a […]

  • Johann Sebastian Bach, portland party bus

    Johann Sebastian Bach’s Music

    The Majority of us would probably agree that sacred music performs an role in worship. Past listening to a sermon or reading scriptural text, something magical occurs when audio is an essential part of services. It captures emotion which can not be reproduced by text and invites reflection and meditation in a manner that deepens […]

  • Learning from Laird, charter bus portland oregon

    Learning from Laird

    We all want role models for our kids. In each There are. The things they’re passionate about change and their tales are different, but it is always inspiring and interesting to hear about their own lives and the characteristics they subscribe to. We are all comfortable with large names in basketball and soccer, but at […]

  • Wine Making

    Wine Making: A Summary

    Wine has the same meaning as culture and class, and it is a tradition which spans centuries. It’s an art, actually: the way grapes are grown, the way they are tended, how bugs and pests are kept down, the way and if the fruit is harvested, and the process of extracting the juice and turning […]

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton, portland party bus

    William and Kate’s Love Story

    The entire world watched as Prince William married Kate Middleton in excitement. People thronged the roads awaiting the only married couple to look on the royal balcony to greet the cheering audience. But a part of what made it so remarkable was the fact that it had been the very first time in 350 years […]

  • San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, charter bus portland oregon

    San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

    While most people recognize the famous bridge which spans the San Francisco Bay, not as a lot of men and women know about its own history. Even though it was a recently finished happening, the bridge has existed now for two decades. The men and women who assembled it, seeing it grow to be a […]

  • Shuttles for Big Occasions, portland party bus

    Shuttles for Big Occasions!

    Do you recall the first time you rode a shuttle at an athletic event you’re engaging in? It may have looked something like this: You didn’t sleep well the night before, to begin With, so that is always a plus. Odds are good that you just slept at a resort room, close to the event’s […]

  • Methods to Save, bend oregon charter bus

    Methods to Save

    One way or another, time has a method of earning seniors from all us. Even though it might have seemed like this time of life was eons away when we were enjoying the ball games and dances of high school, the simple fact remains that aging happens to everyone. And somehow, did not it feel […]

  • Reading Aloud, portland party bus

    The Joy of Reading Aloud

    What’s it all about a story that pulls us? We socialize in a world of stories, beginning from when we are little: infants tell them if they can not speak and may just come to you for comfort as they shout (while keeping their favourite toy which broke), and that just lasts; because we develop, […]