• For the Enjoyment of Chocolate, charter bus portland oregon

    For the Enjoyment of Chocolate

    In the realm of eating, we could discuss a lot about home cooking: mashed potatoes and gravy with slow-cooked, fall-apart meat, fresh baked bread, hot with melted butter, getting vegetables from planting to table, fresh fruit from orchard stands in the fall, and genuine dishes and spice combinations from cultures throughout the world. There’s no […]

  • Handel's Messiah, portland party bus

    Handel’s Messiah

    Years back, if you wanted to play a favorite recording, you ‘d buy a record and play it on the turntable in your house. Having a variety of artists and recordings wasn’t the luxury that it is today, where apps like Apple Music and Spotify make hearing anything and everything at the touch of your […]

  • Hotels & Modern Technology, bus rental portland

    Hotels & Modern Technology

    Evidences of the many ways that modern technology is changing our lives and our world are all around us. When you last sent or received an email from someone living in an international location, did you stop to think about how, in a matter of seconds, you could communicate with someone far across the globe? […]

  • Green is Our Focus, bend oregon charter bus

    Green is Our Focus

    Sure, most of us can connect the dots and see the apparent reason why motorcoaches are a green transportation choice: with a maximum capacity of over 50 occupants, that can correspond to 50something fewer cars on the road. And, precisely, that implies fewer contaminants being released into the air that we’re breathing each day, and […]

  • Keep That Mobile Phone in Your Pocket, charter bus portland oregon

    Keep That Mobile Phone in Your Pocket!

    Cell phones have transformed the world and the communications we have in it. And while it’s true that this could be said about many other things as well, cellphones are a thing that most of us utilize all day, every day. They’ve influenced both the methods of communication (texting, as an example, instead of calling), […]

  • Creating a Wine Barrel, bus rental portland

    Creating a Wine Barrel

    When we need a bottle of fine wine, most of us know where to go. We probably have a certain “go to” for dinner parties, the bottle that always gets rave reviews from guests. But, before it was ever bottled, it’s likely that the wine you love spent some aging time in an oak barrel. […]

  • Songs for Your Special Day, bus rental portland

    Typical Songs for Your Special Day

    When it refers to celebrating, there s nothing quite like music to take your emotions to a specific place. You usually have songs that bring you to specific moments in your courtship: the song you both liked in high school, that one you danced to at Senior Prom, the song that reminisced you of each […]

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., charter bus portland oregon

    Cuz We Appreciate Martin

    When you think of Martin Luther King, Jr., chances are good that the first thing that comes to mind is his contributions as a civil rights activist, and it’s little wonder why. Odds are also effective that some of the terms from his famous I Have a Dream speech surface in your mind every now […]

  • Ways to Practice At Work, charter bus portland oregon

    Five Ways to Practice At Work

    Although that we can most likely all relate to the convictions in Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” the reality is that all of us allot a lot of time at work. Whether it’s working the day or night shift, part-time or full, work is a necessity because it’s how we pay our bills and […]

  • Youth Sports Team Accomplishment, portland party bus

    Enjoying the Accomplishments of a Youth Sports Team

    When your kids have taken part in a full season of playing sports with a team, it’s always sort of nostalgic as the year ends. Whether you were the coach of the team, or one of the parents that was part of organizing team support and functions throughout the year, you possibly prefer to produce […]

  • Shuttle at Your Next Major Gathering, portland party bus

    Let Us Help Shuttle at Your Next Major Gathering!

    Are you interested in booking a motorcoach for shuttling services at your next big celebration? It’s pretty typical to planning on using coaches for group tours and family adventures, but they are also excellent for helping enormous groups of people get from Point A to Point B. No matter if you’re organizing a gala event, […]

  • Senior Traveling is Best, bus rental portland

    Senior Traveling is Best

    There are perks to different seasons in life, and this is certainly true when it comes to retirement. This time is often accompanied by approaching the end of your career, empty nesting, and starting a new chapter of life. You may miss your youthful years when your children were gathered round and there was always […]