• Our Favorite Excursion, charter bus portland oregon

    Some of Our Favorite Excursion

    As a motorcoach company, we work with people in every different industries. Often times we’re providing the wheels for a bigwig business event and other times we are managing the transportation for a sizable family during their family reunion, and we take equal pleasure in both. It’s exciting working with a variety of people in […]

  • Memories from the Super Bowl

    Memories from the Super Bowl

    Football is right up there when it comes to American pastimes. We take the game pretty seriously, and there’s nothing that asserts this truth quite like the Super Bowl. Every year, people all across the country watch the NFL playoffs, distressed to see which two teams will turn out facing each other for the championship […]

  • Meet Pope Francis, charter bus portland oregon

    Meet Pope Francis

    Among the achievements of the American constitution is the allowance it creates for religious freedom. Anyone can notice indication of that provision by the numerous church steeples that dot this land, from San Francisco to D.C. When one considers the religious tensions present in many other area of the world, it’s an amazing thing to […]

  • Steve Jobs, bend oregon charter bus

    Getting to Know Steve Jobs

    You could probably come up with a pretty good list fairly quickly if you were asked to name a company whose sleek products have become crazy popular. If we were to get more certain, asking you to name the company that is super well-known for its cell phones, not to mention laptops and tablets known […]

  • What to Do On Your Tour, oregon charter bus

    The Best Ways to Decide What to Do On Your Tour

    You’re finally going to take the vacation you’ve dreamed of taking for years. You’ve bought the tickets for your flight, booked hotel rooms and rental cars, cleared your schedule at home so you can leave everything behind and truly plug in to some meditation. Now comes the next part: opting what to do while you’re […]

  • Offering a Shuttle, portland party bus

    Offering a Shuttle to Your Staff Members

    Employers grant many perks for their employees: some keep the break room stocked with snacks (and possibly among those fancy Coca-Cola freestyle machines where you can mix 100 different soda combinations), others bring lunch in on a weekly basis, and some offer casual dress Fridays. Some grant employees spending money to use for food, and […]

  • Best Wedding Transportation, bend oregon charter bus

    Best Wedding Transportation is What We Do!

    The whole movie is this hilarious, sentimental tug-of-war between moving on and not wanting life to change. It also does a really good job of capturing one thing: wanting your wedding day to be just perfect, down to every detail and piece. When you’re dealing with your upcoming wedding, what comes to mind? What information […]

  • Makes a Difference for Your Tour Group, charter bus portland oregon

    Seeing the Details Makes a Difference for Your Tour Group

    When you work in the tourism industry, your business revolves around keeping people happy. The opposite is also true; if you slack on the small things, especially in the hospitality industry, it doesn’t go unnoticed and will likely affect your business in negative ways. What are some factors you should do to increase your customers’ […]

  • Extra Four for Skiing, bus rental portland

    Take Along These Extra Four

    You wake up on a cold, wintry morning, but it’s that sort of morning that feels full of extra excitement. When you go to the bathroom to splash your face, the whole sky greets you as one big blue blanket and the sun is just about to pop over that horizon and bathe your valley […]

  • Party Preparation in Portland, charter bus portland oregon

    Dial In On The Details

    It’s always fun to pay attention to the details when you’re planning a party. Sure, everyone is willing to come together and have a good time socializing, but adding some style to the party through the designs, food and other extras can be the difference that gives your party the WOW factor. Whether you employ […]

  • Ideal Group Veteran Field Trip, portland party bus

    Tips for an Ideal Group Veteran Field Trip

    It’s a funny thing: when you’re younger, it seems like time can’t go quickly enough. When you’re a small person, each week, day, and month can seem to tick slowly by, and all of those life events feel like they’re never going to arrive. Time seems like cold molasses. The good irony is that, though […]

  • Senior Trip ABCs, bus rental portland

    Senior Trip ABCs

    Senior years give many things, but hopefully they present some time to travel, and we’ve compiled a list of travel ABCs for your perusing pleasure! Whether some (or all) of these put on you, we hope we can be the wheels behind your next adventure! Location. It’s all about where you’re going, and there are […]