• Oprah's Wisdom, charter bus portland oregon

    Oprah’s Wisdom

    As a motorcoach business, we offer shuttle services for companies as they host special occasions, put on large expos, or host substantial business celebrations. Sometimes there is no better way to deal with company traffic compared to have a charter shuttle which could look after the transport in the background so the true work of […]

  • Technology Changed the Hotel World

    Technology Has Changed the Hotel World

    Did you know that we assist hotels in supplying professional transportation for a variety of situations? Occasionally we help by caring for shuttle transport at a massive event, like a business gala dinner or huge business convention. (And we’re not too shabby at shuttling visitors to and from the airport, either.) There are a few […]

  • Great Day Date for Prom, portland party bus

    Planning a Great Day Date for Prom

    What one word springs to mind when you hear expensive dresses, fancy dinner, teenagers, day dates, dancing, music, pictures, boutineers and corsages? Mm hmm. Yep. Prom. For most teens, prom is something they look forward to and have to believe creatively about. For starters, children these days don’t frequently ask a date to prom in […]

  • Killing Osama Bin Laden, bus rental portland

    Killing Osama Bin Laden

    For all those Americans who have been alive and old enough to comprehend exactly what was happening, 9/11 is going to be a day they won’t ever forget. It was a day which pioneered the war on terror, and it forever changed the way we live. From increased safety measures nationally to military operations which […]

  • healthy food, bus rental portland

    Ya Wanna Super Size That?

    When Super Size Me premiered at the Sundance Film Festival In 2004, it was thought to be a comment on the fast food industry and obesity at large. Morgan Spurlock wondered about the impact of fast food on the body, and chose to undergo an experiment. If he ate at McDonald what would happen? Would […]

  • Pneumatic Subway Tunnels, bend oregon charter bus

    Pneumatic Subway Tunnels

    It is Friday, and all that’s standing between you and your weekend is completing the workday. As the hours seem to crawl, you keep watching the clock between each task. You hold a meeting with your team to assess the details of the next leg of this project you’re on. You meet to give her […]

  • family vacation, bus rental portland

    Why It Is A Wonderful Thought

    It may because our calendars fill be tricky to match in a different thing if you’re at the years of building your own career or raising a household. Time is valuable and there is never enough. The majority of us feel as though we are being pulled in every direction all of the time. So…how […]

  • Amazon Empire, bend oregon charter bus

    Assembling the Amazon Empire

    If the company world is the home, you probably spend a Fair amount of time trying to figure out ways to improve your organization, reach new markets, and increase earnings. Did you know that, an incredibly successful web-based startup firm, started in a Seattle garage in 1995 with only 10 employees? In these days, […]

  • Baby James, charter bus portland oregon

    Sweet Baby James

    Among the things that sticks out instantly when you listen to James Taylor’s music is its easy, down-to-earth style. There is a realness about this, a sense that his lyrics and melodies appear to transcend circumstance and life experience. One is taken in by his song writing since it’s so accessible; it seems personal, open, […]

  • The Value of Spiritual Music, charter bus portland oregon

    The Value of Spiritual Music

    In an article that he wrote on sacred songs, James MacMillan States that “throughout years, musicians have demonstrated midwives of religion, bringing their gifts to the historical struggle of inspiring the faithful to worship.” He highlights the fact it’s often through the medium of audio that something inside people is awakened. Some of the primary […]

  • Michael Jordan, oregon charter bus

    Wisdom from Michael Jordan

    When you speak about basketball greats, Michael Jordan was maybe the best of time. Anyone that has seen what he can do with a basketball can’t help but be in awe of his ability and skill. But it wasn’t something that just occurred. While he is undoubtedly a sports legend, he did not get that […]

  • Relationship Advice, oregon charter bus

    5 Great Pieces of Relationship Advice

    When you gather to celebrate the marriage of two people who Have discovered happiness together, you can’t want to believe this joyous union could one day result in an event or debilitating divorce and separation. But, truth is, statistics aren’t very favorable these days. Now’s divorce rate is climbing higher and higher, and the disintegration […]