• Commitment to Native Land, bus rental portland

    Commitment to Native Land

    Sacrifice is a hallmark of the service men and women of our country. The question in every heart as soldiers prepare to leave their families for deployment is whether they’ll come home safely, and in one piece. Tim McGraw’s song, “If You’re Reading This,” expresses the words of a soldier writing home who has been […]

  • Get out and Relax, oregon charter bus

    Get out and Relax!

    Even if it’s the same scheduled week yearly, or an eleventh hour “I need a break!” sort of gig, getting an excursion in is something that all of us need every so often. Sometimes you need an alteration from everyday life, infinite hours on the phone at the office, stressful customer discussions, or you just […]

  • Field Tripping With Bathrooms, bus rental portland

    Field Tripping With Bathrooms

    What is your earliest awful moment? When you get back in memory to try and think back the first time you remember feeling like you’d prefer to curl up and disappear, what enters your mind? Maybe it takes you completely back to when you were six, headed out for a field trip with the entire […]

  • Coaches are Safe, bend oregon charter bus

    Coaches are Safe!

    When you’re heading out for a group adventure, you might decide on a coach due to several positive points: • Coaches have extra amenities. There are bathrooms involved, power, WiFi, individual reading lights, video screens and audio systems. It’s easy to check in on social media, read email, watch a movie, or get some work […]

  • Cities Events, charter bus portland oregon

    Cuz Cities Have Events, Too!

    Definitely, we are excellent when it involves developing a thriving city transit system; cuz transportation is sort of what we do. And we’re ideal when it comes to helping get kids to school, taking the nursing home occupants on a much needed outing, and getting the high school football team to an away game. But. […]

  • Whatever Celebration is Coming Up, portland party bus

    For Whatever Celebration is Coming Up!

    Whether it is marking holidays by renewing traditions each year, training for and running a marathon, or going to prom as a senior in high school, significant moments and events can represent milestones in life. Curious what types of events we’re referring to? Here are just a few where motorcoaches come in handy! Prom. When […]

  • Set Up a Church Social, charter bus portland oregon

    Set Up a Church Social

    Have you heard Craig Morgan’s song “That’s What I Love About Sundays”? Even though you’re not a country music lover, you can possibly cherish some lines from the song: Raymond’s in his Sunday best, He’s usually up to his chest in oil an’ grease. There’s the Martins walkin’ in, With that mean little freckle-faced kid, […]

  • Elon Musk, bus rental portland

    Elon Musk and Tesla

    When Elon Musk was in college, he found that three things held the most import for our day: the Internet, people living on more than one planet, and the formulation of energy that’s green and eco-friendly. These were the aspirations that he desired, and he’s been working pretty relentlessly on those objectives ever since. And, […]

  • Family Pleasure in Fall, oregon charter bus

    Family Pleasure in Fall

    When you hear the word fall, what enters your mind? According to where you live, you likely think of different things. We typically start cooking warmer meals, and huddling with a good book sounds like just the ticket. We remove our Halloween decorations and turn our front yards into spooky displays. We drop in orchard […]

  • Everybody Likes Barbecue, charter bus portland oregon

    Everybody Likes Barbecue

    When you deal with the 4th of July, what enters your mind? Perhaps your family’s holiday gatherings begin early, watching brightly-colored hot air balloons dot the deep blue sky. And then there’s the big parade down the middle of town, city festival booths, and fireworks to complete America’s birthday. Sound familiar? Wait. We’re skipping an […]

  • Meeting Your Match, portland party bus

    Meeting Your Match

    So it’s a Friday night and you’re sitting at a table for two, anxiously looking around, watching for the gal you’ve been chatting with for a week. It started with the all-too-familiar wink, a quick flirtatious comment, and then, eventually, exchanging numbers. And then it ensued: informal texting about random stuff in the day, and […]

  • Bring along Your Smartphone, portland party bus

    Bring along Your Smartphone on the Group Trip

    Nowadays, the majority of us carry personal computers around in our pockets always. It’s pretty absurd what you can possibly do with your smartphone, and that list just keeps growing. With the convenience of information and apps at our fingertips, it may make one wonder why you would want to schedule a tour with a […]