• America's First University, bend oregon charter bus

    America’s First University

    Trip buses are most likely what come to mind when individuals believe about motorcoaches. Most of us associate coaches as the methods by which a group of people navigate to see different websites and end up being familiarized with a new location. However the motorcoach market is a lot more than that. Today, we facilitate […]

  • Hotels Then and Now, bus rental portland

    Hotels Then and Now

    Everyone are familiar with the names of the founding fathers, along with numerous others from colonial times: Anne Hutchinson, Paul Revere, Abigail Adams, and Martha Washington, just among others. We have heard brave stories of patriots, those who were anxiously participated in developing America as a different entity from England. Theirs was a very various […]

  • Harvest Party Tips, bend oregon charter bus

    Harvest Party Tips

    The harvest has actually been a season of event for numerous individuals throughout time. Historically, when the harvest was plenty, crops were gathered in and food was preserved for the coming months of winter season. Today, as an alternate example, some towns come together when it’s time to harvest grapes and wine making begins. Maybe […]

  • General Douglas MacArthur, oregon charter bus

    General Douglas MacArthur

    “I know war as few other living guys now know it, and absolutely nothing to me is more revolting. Once war is forced on us, there’s no other option than to apply every available means to bring it to a quick end.” (Douglas MacArthur). So said a man who spent more than 50 years in […]

  • Eating Plant-Based Meals, charter bus portland oregon

    Eating Plant-Based Meals

    In accordance with Drs. Michael Klaper and Colin Campbell, the basic American diet is driving a number of today’s major health problems. Research study and patient care confirm that diet plan is highly associated to health, and a great deal of the important things we’re eating are causing issues for us. These professionals assert that […]

  • Choose to Be Conscious, bend oregon charter bus

    Choose to Be Conscious

    When it comes to transport, there have never ever been as numerous alternatives as there are today. Things are never ever fixed; rather, as human beings, we are always pushing the envelope to see exactly what wecando, how we can improve upon the past, and it’s an amazing time to be alive. There’s one thing […]

  • Dinners for the Week, portland party bus

    Dinners for the Week

    Is it time for the annual week at the lake with relatives? Sure, everybody’s excited to spend time together for several days, but the food’s a pretty big deal, too. There’s just something about getaway that makes everybody let their hair down, get off the treadmill for a few days, and unwind by bringing their […]

  • Bill & Melinda Gates, bus rental portland

    Up Close with Bill & Melinda Gates

    What do you learn about Bill Gates? Sure, he might be the richest individual in the world, and everyone understands who he is because of Microsoft. These days, however, his time is dedicated to philanthropy work with his better half Melinda. Together they run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the focus of their […]

  • the Wheels for Sports, charter bus portland oregon

    Coaches … the Wheels for Sports!

    Do you remember those scenes on the bus in “Remember the Titans”? In the first scene, the gamers (and coaches, honestly) are on opposite sides of the fence, racial barriers present and still strong in between them. As they return from camp, nevertheless, the feeling could not be more different. They’re blended together and it’s […]

  • Being a Superstar, portland party bus

    Being a Superstar

    “I’m discovering how to drown out the constant sound that is such an inseparable part of my life. I don’t have to show anything to anyone. I only need to follow my heart and concentrate on exactly what I desire to state to the world.” This quote comes from Beyoncé, one of the world’s superstars […]

  • The King James Bible, bend oregon charter bus

    The King James Bible

    Published in 1611, The King James Bible consists of some of the most cherished texts of perpetuity. While there are lots of active faith groups today, Christianity is still the dominant religion in America, and the bible has played a main function in the dispersing of faith for its people. This specific translation came from […]

  • The Influence of John Muir, oregon charter bus

    The Influence of John Muir

    Among the privileges of dealing with tour operators to supply quality transport for trip groups is the chance to see stunning corners of the nation that we might not otherwise personally experience. And while there are more places to see than there is time, lots of Americans have actually found reprieve in national forests for […]