Bridging the Generation Gap

  1. Bridging the Generation Gap, charter bus portland oregon

Generation gaps are a real thing; grandparents are not always familiar with new technologies, and grandchildren ca associate when grandpas begin speaking about archaic pieces of farm machines that they used back in the day. Sometimes what’s ordinary to a single generation is unknown to another. That fact notwithstanding, parents and kids wish to connect and become a part of one another’s lives.

Here at Northwest Navigator, we’re lucky to supply transport for the families. Whether on holiday or taking an educational tour, we get to watch as families interact. In the article of today, we wanted to provide 6 tips for bridging the generation gap; next time you are on a family holiday that is multigenerational, we hope you can benefit from these suggestions!

Tip #1: Plan the trip together. If you want to have a vacation everyone will appreciate, plan it collectively . You’ll be sure to create memories that are good when you receive input from everyone. Children especially enjoy using a say because they have to follow whatever the adults have intended.

Tip #2: Find commonalities. Sure, there are differences between the generations, but you can probably find things you have in common. Make ice cream, if everybody loves ice cream. If relatives play an instrument, come together and jam for a group! Fishing, movies, biking, golfing, crafting…capitalize on whatever common hobbies you’ve got!

Tip #3: Share favored pastimes. If you want to get to know each other better, delve into favorites! Share your favorite movies, make trade music, your favorite snacks and books, or cook meals that are favorite to consume. Sharing things you love with someone who is unfamiliar with them may be a opportunity that is bridging that is great.

Hint #4: Create opportunities for face-to-face interaction. In age and Now’s day, our children are so used to being on their devices all the time. Whether they’re texting, on networking, playing games, or surfing the internet, this fact remains: less and less interaction occurs in person. Face-to-face interaction is vital for building relationships that are good, and you can help make that happen. Telling stories playing games together, sharing hobbies, and working on things are great ways that you can make your family stronger and connect the generations.

Tip #5: Know something new together. Trying new things requires some vulnerability on the part of the participants, in that space together is a great way and being.

Tip #6: Get out and explore nature. Head outside on Saturday bag and morning a peak as a group, or skiing for your day in powder. Physical activity combined with the beauty of character is a great way to spend some time together, speak, and create meaningful memories.

The next time you travel with family, use these 6 tips to strengthen family bonds by creating memories with our charter bus Portland Oregon. And if your family needs you know where to find us! We are here in order to serve you.

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