Charter a Coach and Show Up Like a Rockstar

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If you’re a concert junkie, we understand how to take your event experience to another level. Charter a motorcoach or party bus with a group of friends or book a seat on a motorcoach concert ride that is prearranged. Either way, your time spent traveling to and from the concert will be elevated. When you ride a Portland party bus, you can expect comfortable chairs, a professional driver (so no need to designate a person!), and a number of top notch comforts.

Gear up to feel like a VIP when you walk off your bus right to the venue’s front. No need to search for a parking place, cope with parking fees, or get blisters on your feet from walking a mile into the front of the arena in your brand-new concert sneakers. A trainer will do all the heavy lifting. Plus you can enjoy snacks while you travel, a sound system, a dancing party with your pals, and free wifi. Taking a motorcoach makes it effortless to enjoy your own time from begin to finish and takes out the strain of travel to the event centre.

No matter if you reserve your motorcoach with you or your BFF’s pick a seat on a Portland party bus for a concert with a whole lot of music loving strangers, you’re bound to have a wonderful time as you travel (and at the concert of course!) Just sit back, enjoy the ride, and get ready to feel like a rockstar. You deserve it.

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