Conference Shuttle Service

The key to a successful conference shuttle transportation method is comprehensive advance planning and experienced on-site management. Northwest Navigator has been producing complex transportation systems for quite some time and has developed proprietary strategies to planning and operations with proven success. From detailed shuttle scheduling to our knowledgeable on-site supervisors, we guarantee that your particular event will run at 100% efficiency.

Our formula for success is based on experience from operating shuttles of all sizes nationwide. We maintain accurate and complete records during all shuttle operations for future reference. The success of any shuttle is in the balance of its design. We take many factors into mind, such as blocks and actual pick-up, desired frequency and services information, distance from the event site, bus turnaround time, and daily traffic patterns. These factors are carefully examined and combined with our practical experience to provide a successful shuttle system.

Our biggest strength is our flexibility and now we look forward to speaking to ensure that we can custom design an exclusive transportation system to your conference that meets the needs you have, preferences and budget.

We are proud transportation providers for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, moving guests and athletes for all of the Olympic festivities.


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