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Is it time for the annual week at the lake with relatives? Sure, everybody’s excited to spend time together for several days, but the food’s a pretty big deal, too. There’s just something about getaway that makes everybody let their hair down, get off the treadmill for a few days, and unwind by bringing their favorite treats. (Isn’t that usually when individuals pull out the best they’ve got?).

Here’s the deal: no one wants to eat the same meal two times. If each household takes a dinner night, you want to be sure to collaborate because variety is the spice of life! How about designating among these categories to each night to ensure you won’t have any overlap?

BBQ. Classic? Here’s the thing, though: BBQ is easy and it’s a crowd pleaser. It’s no big deal to make something for everybody: throw hamburgers and bratwursts on for the adults, and grill some hotdogs for the more youthful kids who are primarily going to be playing around anyhow. When you have cousins to play with?), (Who can be bothered to eat Another plus about BBQ? Throwing some sides together is actually easy! Chips, watermelon, corn on the cob, macaroni salad, and baked beans are all great ways to settle the meal. And … don’t forget to get some ice cream bars to stock the freezer for later on in the evening!

Family preferred. Every household has some favorites– you understand, those traditional meals that you and your brother or sisters consider when you keep in mind house growing up. Because that’s what mama made every Sunday for years, perhaps it’s roast and mashed potatoes. Perhaps it’s your daddy’s pork tenderloin or cedar-smoked salmon. It might just be an all-around comfort food dish like homemade pot pie or velvety macaroni and cheese. Whatever it is, revel in the family memories as you eat a household preferred!

Assign a night based around a particular kind of food– like Mexican, Italian, or Thai. If it’s Mexican, how about a big pan of cheesy enchiladas and Spanish rice with hot beans? There’s nothing like homemade deep dish lasagna with garlic bread and salad if you’re doing Italian, and it’s pretty difficult to beat a great chicken coconut curry over rice if you’re feeling like Thai food.

Crock pot. This one’s always a winner. From tasty soups to fall-apart extra ribs, the crock pot is the method to go– especially if your group is going to be gone for most of the day. Put whatever in the crockery pot when you head out in the early morning, and supper will be super quick to throw together when you get back!

And on your last day? Leftovers. For sure. When you’re preparing for a bunch of individuals all week, you likely do not consume whatever. Doing leftovers the night before everybody heads house is a simple way to get rid of the additional food, tidy out the fridge, and get a better sense of exactly what will need to get loaded in the coolers in the early morning for the ride house.

Gathering for a reunion is all about getting to spend time with people you enjoy, however it’s also about traditions, excellent food, laughter, and making memories. We love all these things, and as motorcoach suppliers, we really enjoy offering transport for large family groups. If you’re planning your reunion for this summertime, we’d love to make it simple for everybody to ride together for all your activities.

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