Family Reunions and Northwest Navigator

Last month, my family came to visit me in the Portland area. My husband and I have a small Prius and a Mini Cooper, so having a family reunion at my house in Vancouver, Washington was a bit of a challenge when it came time to travel.

With spouses and children, there were fourteen of us, so when we were planning our family reunion picnic in the park at Mount Hood, we decided to find a Portland charter bus. I am so glad that we did because we used Northwest Navigator for the first time. The experience could not have been better.

We used their smallest bus because they seat twenty-nine on their minibus. I began my journey with Northwest Navigator by searching for a charter bus online. I saw some great reviews and thought this would be a great way to show my family around my favorite place in the United States.
I called and spoke to a tour operator named Sara who worked closely with me to plan an exciting weekend with people ranging in ages from four years old to seventy-three years old.

Sara was incredibly helpful, and she told me that she would help me every step of the way in the planning process. I did not realize how much I would rely on her in the beginning, but it worked out well.
Since there were children in our party, we planned events that would entertain them while we also found ways to entertain ourselves like going to a skating rink, miniature golf, and go karts for one day. We also toured the roses all over Portland in the charter bus. On the day we went to Mount Hood, we had a great time. We packed all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables for our trip as snacks, and when we got to the park, we made a delicious feast using one of the grills available.

Every time I have a lot of people coming to town, we are going to use Northwest Navigator for our travelling needs.

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