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  1. FAQs From Our Customers, bus rental portland

At Northwest Navigator, our mission is to provide you with the best in class transportation services like our bus rental Portland. We believe our service though this definitely includes drive time in the road begins far before you board one of our trainers. Since we like to address our clients’ questions, we thought we’d answer some of the ones we’re asked in the modern post.

How big of a group can your vehicles adapt?

We have other, although our motorcoaches can seat up to 55 passengers types of vehicles in our fleet as well. Whether your group is large or little, we have it. Our customer support agents would be delighted to help you find the ideal fit!

What amenities do you have onboard?

We would like our customers to be comfortable when they ride . Because of this, we’ve got amenities onboard to make the ride enjoyable. With WiFi, power outlets, TV displays, an A/V system, and a toilet on board, our trainers will be the perfect mix of ease, comfort, and practicality.

Are children welcome?

Yes! Whether you’re chartering a trainer for a family event or college field trip, we adore providing safe transportation for today’s kids.

Imagine if we have someone in a wheelchair in our group?

Not an issue at all! We have fleet vehicles to adapt our friends in wheelchairs. Mention this demand to one we will take care of you and when you are booking your mentor.

What do you do to keep your vehicles secure?

Security is something we do not mess about with here in Northwest Navigator. Our care team performs inspections on all our automobiles and we promptly repair any problems that need attention. We also comply with all the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety standards.

What type of training would be your drivers required to have?

All our drivers are required to have a CDL (Commercial Driver’s permit ), and in addition, they have to follow drug and alcohol testing procedures. To find out More about both these requirements, check out the following links:


Can our team get picked up or dropped off at particular locations?

Yes! You tell us when and if you charter a mentor with us where! We’re here in order to serve you.

Can your coaches have storage area?

Yes! Our coaches have lots of storage space there’s lots of space for.

Can I charter a coach on weekends?

Yes! Charter services are offered 24/7 by us. If your trip is over the weekend, we’d be delighted to look after you.

Do not see your question? Please do not hesitate to speak to us so we can answer it! We can be contacted by phone at Northwest Navigator, or by email at info@nwnavigator.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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