How many seats on the vehicles?

We have coaches that start with as few as 8 ranging up to 56. To see our full fleet, please click here.  Motorcoaches are a great solution for groups from 8 to 1000.

Do they have restrooms?

Yes, all do!

Do your vehicles have dvd/cd/mic?

Yes, all!

Do your vehicles have Wi Fi?

Yes, on request

AC/DC plug ins?

Yes, just the mini’s

Gratuity included? How much?

Gratuity is at your discretion and IS PAYABLE DIRECTLY TO YOUR DRIVER; 10-20% customarily, or for day drips, $1-$2 per person

Suggested wineries?

See WCVA website

Does charges start with arrival of bus, or departure from yard?

Arrival at your destination, travel time to and fro and mileage is free until we get to you.