Finding A New Home In Bend Oregon

Going out from a very busy and stressful life living in mega city, go out and move to Bend in Oregon. There are endless good living opportunities throughout Bend and Central Oregon. You can own a new home, a second home, a vacation property or a fertile small farm and farmhouse in Bend. Bend is not far away from Portland; the capital and commercial center of Oregon, there is a regular bus from Portland to Bend and from Bend to Portland, which is operated by Northwest Navigator.

Bend Oregon is a relatively small city with 75,000 peace loving and nature loving residents. An international airport in Redmond serves the city, which is just a 20 minutes drive from the city center. A Bend to Portland bus also serves the city at a regular bus schedule. A public commuter service from and to in Bend is not a problem at all.

Here are some advantages living in Bend:

1. Residential areas are just a few miles away from work. An average of 4 mile commute or drive from home to the place of work.
2. The cost of child care is relatively lower as compare with other neighboring cities with an average of child care support of 300 in savings annually as compared in Seattle.
3. There are plenty of healthy and fun outdoor activities around Bend, instead of spending time in mall and other indoor amusement places.
4. Bend is abounding with farmers market that sells organic fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. The farmers sell directly their organic farm products to Bend residents and consumers. Festivals and tourism events made the city more lively and exciting place to live.

Bend offers an easy living with affordable costs, healthier and environmentally friendly atmosphere. This is the primary reason why retirees prefer to relocate in Bend rather than in any other cities.

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