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Northwest Navigator in Portland, Oregon is not just a luxury coach charter bus company. Northwest Navigator is a pioneer in going green on the road. Because of the sense of responsibility for the environment that is a part of the company culture, it is very important that we promote a product that is efficient, luxurious, and as green as can be. We have won some awards and recognition for this endeavor, and we would like to share a few tips on how to go green, or get a little greener if the case may be, in your life.

If you drive an automobile, plan for a change the next time you buy a car. Driving an energy efficient car is one of the best things that one can do to decrease that nasty carbon footprint. This may not be something you can change immediately, but it is something that you will not regret once you have done it. Hybrid and energy efficient automobiles are the way of the future. You can even find SUVs that are hybrid, so luxury and size does not have to be sacrificed for the sake of going green.

You probably recycle plastics, glass, and paper. Did you know you can recycle electronic devices as well? In fact, some of the worst environmental pollution comes from what is known as e-waste. Cell phones and computers use cadmium and other materials that are so nasty to the environment that they match an entire city full of automobile exhaust with one device. In order to recycle electronic devices, you should search for a place in your area that will take your e-waste and properly recycle it or refurbish it and sell it or give it to the less fortunate. Whatever you do, do not just throw it in the trash. E-waste is harmful, and it is much better to keep those chemicals contained in your home until they can be properly disposed of for you.

We hope this helps you in making your next decisions for going green!

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