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Even if it’s the same scheduled week yearly, or an eleventh hour “I need a break!” sort of gig, getting an excursion in is something that all of us need every so often. Sometimes you need an alteration from everyday life, infinite hours on the phone at the office, stressful customer discussions, or you just want to give your eyes the chance to recover from being so polished over after staring at a screen all day (every day). And sometimes? In some cases you just need to feel like a real person again.

Why get a hotel room in a place away from home? Well, we think there are tons of benefits, and listed below are just a few:

Getting away opens up new doors, new sights, new options. The routine of life brings familiar comfort, but it can also bring monotony and a feeling of stagnancy. Jumping in the lake on vacation in the middle of the night, yet, or standing under thundering falls on a skydiving, paragliding, or hike? The selections for renewal are many, and leaving your comfort zone (in any lot of ways!) can spark up your life and help you feel ready to obtain back at it when the vacation is over.

It’s a natural time to reset and reevaluate. Taking time to have those very important conversations and allowing yourself some quiet amid the chaos of everyday life creates a natural opportunity to reset, rethink, and see where you are and where you’d like to be. It can help you determine where your life is on target, along with what you want to adjust and do differently.

It’s time to check out family and friends that you don’t get to see nearly as often as you’d like. Whether you live continents apart or only a couple of hours away, the fact still remains that you don’t see one another much (or hardly at all). If you put it on the calendar, the time is reserved. And someone could say that if you need to schedule it, it must not matter as much as it should. But that’s not true; scheduling it means you value it enough to make it happen although the demands on your time are crazy.

The value of reconnecting. Let’s admit it: when you’re plugged in at work, trying to take care of your home, busy with civic responsibilities, keeping the children fed and the laundry pile under control, making sure the lawn is mowed, and you get your miles logged so you’re on track for the upcoming race you’re signed up for? This is life. It can possibly be hard to press a meaningful discussion in there somewhere, have a chance to really find and listen out what’s going on with the people that are right next to you a lot of the time. That’s the benefit of booking accommodations somewhere where you actually get away, making everything on the usual task list moot. Escaping means you’re not there to do it, even if you wished to. Hey, in place of that? You’ve got chance to sit and invest in the people you care about the most. A few days of that will revive your relationships!

Whether you’re gathering at the family cabin for a week or booking a hotel with friends and planning to enjoy some good food and sites, getting away has its pluses. And, the good news? We work with hotels to deliver transportation for whatever vacation you have planned. If you need a way to get your group around effectively (not to mention that it’s fun to stay together!), we’re only a call away!

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