Getting to know Michael Phelps

  1. Getting to know Michael Phelps, oregon charter bus

If there’s a name that everybody in America knows, it’s Michael Phelps. (He’s generally the Michael Jordan of swimming.) We have actually loved watching him contend during the last couple of Olympics, and it’s for good reason. He has been granted the most medals of any Olympian in history, but he’s got an interesting story, too.

That’s the Michael we know. He got a DUI at the end of September 2014, for example, and years earlier, a photo revealing his drug usage was also distributed.

When he was 9 years old, his parents separated, creating a space he brought for years. Bob Bowman, his coach given that he was 11, helped him end up being the amazing professional athlete that he is today, however he was likewise a sort of dad figure for him.

Following his 2014 DUI, he checked himself into The Meadows, a rehabilitation center on the borders of Phoenix, Arizona. He reconnected with his dad, and a bond started to be created between the two. Later, in 2016, Phelps married his fiancé and likewise ended up being a father when their son, Boomer, was born.

The excellent feature of Phelps’ story is that it shows him as a real person. While nobody would contradict his amazing training principles, athletic ability, and Olympic record, it’s motivating to understand a little bit more about his private struggles and his journey in conquering them.

Stories like Phelps’ help all of us to see that true success involves being truthful about who you are, facing the challenges and heartache that will undoubtedly come, and working through problems to move forward in life. While we desire our kids to prosper in the things they love, we likewise want them to discover to work through the problems they’ll undoubtedly deal with, and come out more powerful because of it.

We also get thrilled about viewing terrific athletes, from Michael Phelps all the method down to the kid who is tearing it up on the ball field. If your group needs to get from Point A to Point B, do not think twice to give us a call! We ‘d enjoy to help you get to the action and delight in the game you love best.

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