Global Warming’s Not a Joke

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How a lot of us vaccinate our children to stop the spreading of disease, place some food aside to prepare for a catastrophe, so we are able to afford to send our children to 32, or carefully put money away? As the examples illustrate, we take steps to get ready for the long run in many facets of our lives.

But do we do exactly the same thing with this particular planet we call home? Researchers and scientists are warning us for decades about the effects of global warming. Lately, back in the early 80s, James Hansen was among those authors of a paper published in Science magazine highlighting the unfortunate effects of global warming if it was not addressed. Decades later, the concerns discussed in that paper are now a reality.

A warning is still raised by Hansen today voice if changes aren’t made, about the gloomy prognosis of the planet. Plus it is not an issue of if certain things will occur; it’s an issue of if. Increased temperatures are causing the planet’s ice pack to melt, ocean temperatures are climbing, storms are growing in number and strength, and animal species are at danger of becoming endangered or extinct if present trends continue.

Here’s the thing, however: When organic we still have enough water to cultivate a garden during a drought and disasters occur, it’s easy to convince ourselves that things are okay. It is not tough to adopt the “out of sight out of mind” doctrine (even unconsciously), instead of considering the world as an interconnected community.

This is one of the reasons us Northwest Navigator encourage travel. Group transport is a better choice for all the earth, although sure, it’s our business. You remove cars reducing the number of emissions being released into the atmosphere when you charter a trainer. Selecting to GoMotorcoach is a simple step that may benefit the environment, and since we are more

Conscious about the choices we make, we invite others about us to think about impact.

Because, what happens when we do not?

If present trends continue, global warming will also. And that usually means that the entire world our children and grandchildren live in will be different from the one we know.

So, here’s the bottom line: When you choose to charter a bus rental Portland, you’re making a choice. Next time you are prepared to hit the street with some buddies, your loved ones, the team from the office, or even your church congregation, we have got you covered. Let us make the world a greener place together!

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