Go Family Hiking In Bend And Feel The Fun

In Bend, Oregon, the spring season has just arrived and this is normally meant a good start to have a family getaway to experience the fun in this place by hiking. Plan your vacation to Bend, Oregon, by contacting the Northwest Navigator Company for their bus from Portland to Bend. The sun in this place out a bit longer and the climate is warm, no snow to appear unless you are at the top of the mountain. There is so much fun in Bend especially in hiking all around the Central Oregon. Bring the whole family and enjoy the spring season in this beautiful place. No need to worry about the transportation because the Portland bus is here to cater all your transportation needs. The following are the best place when it comes to family hiking in Bend.

Visit the Aspen Hall

In Aspen Hall, flat hiking is fun and you can do this along the river. This spot is very quiet and never crowded at all even during summer. Definitely, kids will enjoy a lot throwing rocks in the river or they can even swim in it. The trees that surround the place is a great source of shade where parents can sit under the trees watching their kids playing in the river.

Shevin Park

This park is the best place to visit while you are in Bend because it has many trails and there is an available map at the ranger station if you want. On the pave road, kids can use their scooters and bikes and can also enjoy crossing the bridge located in the middle of the paved area. Dogs here are also allowed but only on a leash.

Try To Visit Overturf Butte Reservoir

Only few folks know this place and this place offers a beautiful view of the entire city. However, watch your kids because the trail here has a steep cliff. However, there is a nearby playground, a park for off-leash dog, and geocaches that are hidden on this trail.
These beautiful sceneries in Bend can bring fun to the whole family and riding in a sleek bus from Portland to Bend can make vacation fun and memorable.

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