Going Green for Good

A huge point of pride for Northwest Navigator is our Green business practices. This is something that we take very seriously, and we hope to accomplish a number of goals in this one area of our business. First and foremost, we feel a significant sense of personal responsibility to protect the environment as individuals. Ensuring Green business practices is something that is really just an extension of our personal lives. When you live a Green life, you feel that Going Green is something that you do in every aspect of your life. It would make no sense to recycle at home, but when we are out in a restaurant, we do not recycle, right? Of course it does not make sense.

If you protect the environment as much as possible, then you Go Green in as many aspects of your life as you possibly can. This is why we not only try our best to use the resources we have responsibly, but we also try to encourage everyone who works for us to do the same. The example we set is how we lead, and that is our philosophy. There are other reasons to Go Green in your business practices besides the responsibility you feel to protect the environment. One of the other benefits to Green business practices is that you can lower your operating costs in many ways with Green business practices. Part of Going Green is being as efficient and effective with as little as possible.

Another fabulous reason to Go Green is that you can be distinguished from competition as a Green business. That can lead to clients you never imagined you would have because they heard about you on the Green grapevine. If you believe in providing a safe and healthy environment in which to conduct your business, Going Green can be the best choice for you. It does not get much healthier or cleaner than a place of business that is greenified.

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