Going Stag. . .Together!

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Prom night is a night you’ll want to cherish forever! While prom is usually a ‘date dance’ people prefer going stag with a huge group of friends. If you would like to have the time of your life on prom night without leaving anyone out, a party bus or luxury coach transportation is definitely the way to go. Envision a night out without needing to distinguish involving the dance dinner, and the after party. You can enjoy one another’s company throughout prom night without having to figure out who will be driving and the carpool circumstance is.

A standard motorcoach can hold up to 56 individuals while other Portland party bus can hold anywhere from 20-25 that means everybody can be invited by you. Additionally, coaches and party buses have a variety of conveniences available that can make your dance night just that much better. You can pick from features like miniature kitchenettes with microwaves to your after party snacks to displays to watch a movie and sound systems to keep the dancing going, there is almost no limit to the fun you’ll have on a chartered coach. Parents will also love the notion of vehicle because that means a expert driver will be hauling their kids.

With all of the security and the wonderful features that these party bus provide, why don’t you give it a try?! Book your party bus or luxury coach for one prom night time. You won’t regret it and your buddies (and parents) will thank you for having this awesome idea.

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