Honor Thy Grandmother With A Portland Tour

Moving a large group of people is difficult to handle, more so when it consists of grandmothers. Visit the official website of Northwest Navigator at www.nwnavigator.com and let them assists you to handle the grandmas’ transportation need. We all love our grandmothers and it should be fitting to accord them with the highest quality of transportation services of the highest degree of comfort and safety. Most grandmas are differently able, some have canes, some have poor vision or hearing and a few are in wheelchairs. But they have lived a life full of sacrifices for their love for us.

This time, it’s our turn to give our love to our grandmas, giving them a comfortable and pleasurable tour around Portland though might not be the best but it is good enough to show our love and gratitude to them for this grandmothers’ month celebration. We have to accept the truth that our grandmas have fewer remaining years to live with us and to enjoy life to the fullest. We could help our grandmas to live a fulfilling life in their remaining years and having them toured around in an environmentally friendly Portland City could be the best that we can give at this moment.

The Northwest Navigator has a fleet of luxurious motor coaches available for group tours. It has the amenities that could make our grandmothers more comfortable such as easy wheelchair access, bucket type reclining seats with retractable armrest and wider leg room. The motor coach was designed with wider center aisle to allow easy passage and is equipped with clean and cozy comfort room for personal necessities. All these features could certainly make our grandmothers ride in ultimate comfort.

Honor your grandma with a group tour around Portland City. Call and make an arrangement with the Northwest Navigator now and avail a discounted tour for your grandma.

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