Knowing the Oregon’s Family Farms Sustainability

There are a hundred family farms in Oregon that mostly produces organic fruits, vegetables, poultry and livestock. The sustainability of family farms is quite interesting to know as they are against all odds from the stiff competition of large and corporate farms. These farms are usually from a few acres to not more than a hundred acres. The city of Bend in Oregon has become the center of family farms in the Pacific Northwest. Knowing how they become very competitive is worth knowing and on-site visiting. A group tour via a Northwest Navigator bus from Portland to Bend could be more exciting and fun.

The Northwest Navigator has an available Portland charter bus for a group tour of various organic family farms, which are just a few miles from downtown of Bend as well as several farmers markets. They are accepting early bookings and reservation in person or online.

These small family farms have been producing a wide range of organically grown vegetables for many years. They are producing beans, broccolis and cauliflowers, cabbages, peppers, onions, tomatoes and many more. They are also producing organic chicken eggs as well as free range chickens and turkeys. Their cattle herds are only fed with hay and meadow grasses. These farmers usually have their own stalls in the farmers market where they sell their products directly to Bend residents and tourists. Some Bend residents go directly to the family farms and pick fresh vegetables and fruits for their daily consumption, a good thing for the farmers who won’t have to harvest their produce and bring to the farmers market, a savings in labor and transportation cost.

Small family farms relied heavily on the support of community for their survival and the resident of Bend is very supportive. They source their table food directly from the family farms rather than from the shelves of the big malls. There are more and more institutional buyers such as specialty restaurants, hospitals, hotels and other that directly buying vegetables, fruits and meat from family farms.

As an old German saying goes; “when a farmer has money, everybody else will have”. The community will prosper when it will support its farmers.

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