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Lowering your carbon footprint is a hot topic in today’s world and for good reason. So how can you do what you can to minimize your environmental effect? Particularly when you wish to enjoy life’s mind-expanding experiences like travel. Fortunately, reducing your footprint could be easy and even gratifying when you travel on an environmentally-friendly motorcoach.

Travel Preparation: When you’re packing for your trip, be certain that you pack as lightly as you can – the more weight that a vehicle, bus, or train has, the more gas it uses and the more greenhouse gases it emits. In addition to packing light, turn all lights off, unplug electrical outlets, and set your thermostat in a more moderate temperature. All of these simple tasks can help to reduce your footprint without taking a lot of extra work or preparation.

Reserve Your Travel in an Environmentally-Friendly Motorcoach: Were you aware motorcoaches are the most environmentally friendly way to travel? In fact, just one motorcoach can substitute 55 cars. Plus when you travel on an environmentally-friendly motorcoach are comfortable, cheap, and make it possible for you to enjoy the travel. Now that’s a smart way to go green.

Stay Green: When you arrive in your destination, then try to do little things everyday to keep your ecological impact to a minimum. Recycle any paper, plastic, or glass items you are able to keep your showers short, reuse your towels, and attempt to walk, bicycle, or use public transportation to get around. You can also try to eat local, organic foods a few times during your stay so you can enjoy the exceptional food offerings available in the area and stay green.

When you do your part to journey by doing things like turning off lights, travel on an environmentally-friendly motorcoach, and recycling, you can create a big impact!


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