Northwest Navigator Loves Green

Northwest Navigator is an excellent example of Green Innovation in the marketplace and especially in the transportation industry. By making some changes to the operations of the company and the vehicles, Northwest Navigator has made major contributions to the environment and to the benefit of society as a Green leader. Going Green is possible and easier than one might think. Here are some of the best reasons to go Green.

1. If you make some big changes in your home, you can see some incredible health benefits as well as improve the health of the Mother Earth. Reducing the pollution your home creates and the pollution you inhale as a result will do nothing but good things for you and everyone else in your personal environment/home.

2. Lower your personal energy costs by making some long term changes to the way that your home operates electricity. These may be big changes or small changes, but they are all worth the effort. You will save money on electricity costs if you do.

3. It’s just the right thing to do. Doing the right thing makes us feel better about ourselves. It is not just a completely altruistic thing to do. We get a sense of pride and responsibility from leaving a proper legacy to the generations coming behind us.

4. It has been noted that when the quality of the air we inhale is better, our productivity is also better. How could this be a bad thing?

5. If you can begin growing your own food in your home, in your garden, or in a community garden, you will save money on produce. A significant amount of money. However, you will also reduce the carbon footprint of your food incredibly. The distance that food grown in one place has to travel in order to be sold in most grocery stores is remarkable. That means all of the food is exposed to the exhaust of the trucks transporting the items for hundreds or thousands of miles.

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