Northwest Navigator Your Green Bus Company

Portland bus charter is a popular transportation vehicle among group travelers around Oregon and the Northwest Pacific region. A motor coach can offer a comfortable ride as a luxury sedan could offer, it can accommodate more passengers and luggage than four minivans and it is safer as your luxury SUV. And, the most beneficial, it costs a fraction when traveling with your own car. The Northwest Navigator is a green certified motor coach company in Oregon that operates green buses and motor coaches running on biodiesel.

For individual, who love nature and living in an environmentally friendly way, they will certainly love the Northwest Navigator way of doing business. The company endeavors to operate and runs its business in an environmentally friendly way by the use of biodiesel fuel on all their buses and motor coaches. Aside from this, the company built a rainwater harvesting facility; constructed 100 percent certified recycled steel for its repair and maintenance bus depot, procured oil-water separator equipment and efficient state of the art waste motor oil burner. The rainwater harvested from the facility is used to wash and clean their buses and motor coaches. The company was able to reduce its water bills. The energy generated from its waste oil burner is used to heat its bus depot facility as well as the company’s canteen and cafeteria. It’s an ecologically friendly technology and a big reduction in company’s carbon footprint.

Perhaps, the most impressive about this company is its complete documentation of its carbon footprint reduction program. The result of every business operation process had been fully documented to show how much carbon emission had been reduced by the adoption of specific technology and by improving certain business practices and processes.

Be a part of the green and environmentally friendly bus company, ride with pride on Northwest Navigator’s biodiesel fueled buses and motor coaches.

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