Offering a Shuttle to Your Staff Members

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Employers grant many perks for their employees: some keep the break room stocked with snacks (and possibly among those fancy Coca-Cola freestyle machines where you can mix 100 different soda combinations), others bring lunch in on a weekly basis, and some offer casual dress Fridays. Some grant employees spending money to use for food, and others make a big deal about birthdays and acknowledging hard work from their team.

There’s some other choice out there, though, another perk that can benefit your employees, especially if your office is located in a big city. Have you ever thought of offering a work shuttle to those who work for you, a more convenient way to get to work in crazy traffic on busy mornings?

As a motorcoach company, we love partnering with office owners and managers to tailor transportation plans to specifically meet their needs. If you’ve never thought of setting up a shuttle for your employees, the following are some of the main reasons you might want to consider it.

For starters, it’s an added advantage and makes the job you offer just another step ahead of the norm. A shuttle implies your employees won’t have to work out a deal public transportation or pay for gas for the commute to work each day.

Second, it’s great to be able to minimize handling crazy traffic, particularly if your office is located in the heart of a busy city. Sometimes just dealing with commute traffic is enough to make some of us angry, and offering this service means that your employees won’t have to worry about it. They can focus on other things while we take charge of the driving.

Third, did you know our coaches come equipped with power outlets? This is a great benefit for any of your employees who may want to plug in before arriving at the office for some last-minute prep. No matter what the reason, offering power on our coaches means that your employees can plug in en route and get a jump start before they even get to the office.

Some folks want to plug into social networking sites first thing in the morning to kind of touch base with the world. One the crazy mornings, when that doesn’t happen before leaving the house, we make that a moot point by offering WiFi on our coaches as well. When gearing up for the day or relaxing when it’s over, it can be nice for your employees to be able to surf the Internet on their phones or spend a few minutes on Facebook or Instagram to see what friends are up to.

Next time you’re considering offering another great advantage to show your employees that you appreciate them, give us a call! We ‘d love to take a seat with you to assess what type of transportation plan would benefit your office. Our specialists are excellent at what they do, and we ‘d love to guide make your employees’ commute easy, streamlined and stress-free.

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