Oregon Wine Tourism Day

Tourists flock to Oregon during the summer for its famous vineyard and wineries. Portland buses are the primary means of transportation for group visits to hundreds of vineyard in Oregon area. The State is famous for its high priced wine than any other state in the United State. The superior quality of Oregon wines makes it a prized one.

While the Oregon wine tourism industry is still young and under developed as may compared to California, but it has a distinction of being the fastest growing enotourism destination in the United State. Enotourism in Oregon includes wine tasting, visiting wineries, and a walk in the vineyard, participation in an actual grapes hand picking and observing the wine making processes. Buying wine at the wineries is becoming popular among enotourist in Oregon and becoming the major marketing strategy among vineyards and wineries which account almost one-third of their annual wine sales.

Northwest Navigator also offers Portland charter bus for exclusive group enotours in Oregon. A group member will be picked up from their respective residence or hotel or any landmarks and then proceeding to the Oregon famous vineyards and wineries in the Willamette Valley or any other famous grape growing region in Oregon. The Portland charter bus will be waiting for the group and shuttle them from vineyard to vineyard till the group will decide to go home or to dine somewhere else before going home.

Don’t miss going to Oregon this summer for the First Wine Tourism Day. Enjoy the rich tasting premium wine of Oregon and grab a dozen of bottles before going home. Enjoy harvesting grapes in the vineyard and see it for yourself how grapes in cultivated and cared, harvesting are done by hand picking the ripe one. Also enjoy how the Oregon premium wines are juiced, fermented and bottled. Each winery has its own secret processing and formulation.

Great tasting wine starts with great care for the grape cultivars.

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