Organizing A Bus Tour To Bend For A Cause

Perhaps, one of the most rewarding tours you can make is to organize a tour for a cause to Bend Oregon. Organize a weekly trip to the farmers market in Bend and buy freshly picked organic farmers’ product. Rent a bus from Portland to Bend every weekend for a trip to Bend farmers’ market. You can make an arrangement with Northwest Navigator for renting their motor coaches or luxury party buses for the trip to Bend every weekend.

The organization membership will come from your neighborhood in Portland mostly housewives and their hubby who would like to provide their family with a real healthy and organically grown food every day. The purpose of the organization will be as follows:

1. To live a healthy living and lifestyle by eating organically grown farm product.
2. To support organic and family farms in Oregon.
3. Assist Oregon charitable institutions for the homeless child.

Every weekend, the group will go to the farmers market in Bend to buy food that will be enough for a week. On each trip, each member will be donating 4 to 5 dollars each. The total amount collected each week will be used in buying real food intended to be donated to a charitable institution that the group had chosen.

The organization could achieve a better health for their family through providing a balance and healthy diet every day, thereby, boosting their resistance from sickness and lower the family expenses on medical bills. Their patronage to Oregon’s organic farmers will be a sustaining force for the continued existence and growth of organic family farms. And lastly, by giving a little amount to the needy and homeless children in Oregon could be self fulfilling and satisfying.

Be an active member of your community by organizing your neighborhood to have a healthy and real food every time as well as supporting organic family farms and the homeless children.

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