Our Guarantee to You

  1. Our Guarantee to You, Bend Oregon charter bus

At Northwest Navigator, our aim is to provide professional transport to your group for any occasion with our Bend Oregon charter bus. Sometimes that means we’re getting a set of college children to a field trip destination, and sometimes it means we’re moving a marriage party from the ceremony to the reception place. For occasions formal and informal, we have had the opportunity to take care of groups large and small.

Through these experiences, we have learned that each group wants (and needs!) 5 things from their transport provider.

Driver. Having a driver that’s trained, approachable, friendly, and educated is important.

Customer Service. Clients will need to know their business is their concerns are heard and addressed and appreciated in a timely way.

Safety. When you are riding in a vehicle that is not yours, you need to know that the equipment has been taken care of and is appropriate for the road.

Comfort. Sure, it is nice to not have to focus on the road, but it’s also nice to get some extras which produce the drive more enjoyable.

Convenience. Additional convenience should be a part of what you get when you pay for transport services.

Since we think every group needs these items, they’re what we focus on Northwest Navigator. We hire drivers that are qualified, educated, and safe. As a team, we attempt to listen to and professionally respond to needs and the concerns of our customers. We regularly perform inspections on all of our vehicles so as to maintain our fleet safe on the street. Our coaches have amenities to make the trip better: electricity sockets, WiFi, TV displays, A/V systems, and baths on board. When you are driving to an event, you can’t beat the convenience of curbside drop off and pick up!

If you ride with us, we promise that you’ll find all these things and much more! If you have any queries or concerns, we would be more than pleased to talk with you. We love what we do, and we value your business.

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