Party for Life

I am planning a trip with my friends this summer to tour all of the cool spots in Portland with Northwest Navigator luxury coaches. We’re in our thirties now, and a group excursion on a party bus is something we hear the kids are having a blast doing these days. Why not see what all of the fuss is about, right? While we’re at it, we’re going to spend one day on a luxury coach touring different fine dining places with cocktails and music on the bus as we go from place to place for a taste of what Portland’s chefs have to offer. We’ll spend another day club hopping to check out a little from all the different music venues Portland proudly touts as their own.

In between clubs, we can chill oon the bus while the driver takes care of business. On the third day, we’re going to sight see. We love the roses in Portland, and we love all of the funky little shops all over town. We’ll stop for photo opportunities wherever we feel the fancy strike. We’ll drop in on art galleries and record stores to see what might be a good find, and we’ll do all of this as a group. We have a philosophy that we came up with years ago in college. The importance of fun is something that we never outgrow. Whether we have kids and spouses or we are living the single life, we stay in touch for all the year round, and we get together frequently so that we can keep the support system we found so special and meaningful in college alive.

If you feed your spirit and soul, you will keep your spirit in good shape and your soul in a light hearted mood. For these reasons, we stick together. Give love – get love. It works.

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