Party in Portland!

There are few places in the United States as breathtaking as the Pacific Northwest. The ocean air mixed with the mountains and greenery everywhere is intoxicating. The parties here are also intoxicatingly fun whether you like to imbibe or not. Portland’s many cultural opportunities for exploration are well known and appreciated. Whether you are looking for a place to party with your friends from college or a group of seniors seeking an easy tour of some of the most amazing natural landscapes Mother Nature has bestowed on us, Northwest Navigator will take you and your friends there in safety, style, and luxury.

There is no better charter bus in Portland. Not only can you travel all over Portland from one party location to the next without worrying about a designated driver (we provide that), you can know that you are doing so without harming the Earth. We are proud of to be the first charter bus company on the West Coast that is Green Certified. Enjoy Mother Nature without that twinge of guilt that comes from increasing your carbon footprint.

This is the perfect time of year to gather a group of people together and see how much more fun you can have when the ride becomes the party. Northwest Navigator makes it easy to choose from a party bus that seats anywhere between twenty-nine passengers and fifty-six passengers to ride in Green luxury.

We are happy to take your party on a tour of all the roses that Portland proudly displays. Northwest Navigator would also be delighted to take your party out of town and visit Mount Hood’s mesmerizing scenic offerings. We will design the trip according to your wants and needs, so you and your riding crew can sit back, relax, and get reacquainted while we handle the navigating. We love to make your party planning perfect. Let us be the guide. We will show you what adventure really means.

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