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What does it require to make a Paula Radcliffe? A lot of training, a lot of hard work, a whole heap of resolution and grit, along with a lot of dedication. She knows overcome obstacles, how to push things and come back, and she worked consistently throughout her career to perform her best and overcome on her private records.

For anybody who doesn’t know who she is, she holds the world record for the marathon with a period of 2:15:25 of the women. That’s crazy fast! Merely to put it in perspective, that’s running 26.2 miles in a speed of just more than five minutes per mile. To have the ability to run 1 mile is epic. However, to sustain that for over 26 miles? #insane. And she is held that world record for a long time. That time ran in April of 2003, and nobody has beaten it. In reality, nobody has come close. And it is there that she has smoked the competition; she’s won the marathon three occasions in New York City and London, and she won the Chicago marathon, too. (Incidentally, she holds the world record for a 10K on the road as well, using a period of 30:21.)

That kind of tenacity hasn’t been developed on a whim. Indeed, she’s done workouts with a rucksack on her back with spikes inside, until she got home she’s realized her back was ripped up for it and it hasn’t been. She’s said, “I just don’t feel pain” Well. In the very least, she’s gotten used to it and knows when it matters, how to push it.

Her journey has definitely known setbacks amid the triumphs, however. Take the Athens Olympics in 2004. She took some strong drugs, and had suffered an accident a couple of weeks beforehand. Because of this, her body was not capable to utilize any nutrition. At mile 22 of the marathon, because she could not do it, she had to lose. Five days after, she tried to compete in another event and had to get the trail off then as well. These are just that frustration and disappointment have been part of her story, also.

And for some other trivia?

She studied German, French, without permitting her slack that is running and economics at Loughborough, and somehow got very good grades.

She’s received BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award.

Aaaaaaand. . .she is wed a man that was one of her coaches, to Gary Lough. Their connection was something that has worked for them, a mix of personal and career. Aside from sports being a part of the lives, they’ve been blessed with two kids, Isla and Raphael.

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