Plane, Train, or Coach? What’s the Best for the Environment?

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In the modern world of today, travel is a must. With family and friends widespread, company conferences across the country, and fun and experiences train, a plane, or charter bus Portland Oregon ride away, how could it not be? It comes with costs though travel is an part of daily life. Mainly towards our environment throughout the emission of greenhouse gases. That’s where environmentally friendly travel comes into play.

Traveling in an environmentally friendly manner isn’t only good for the population of today, but for people who come after us. So what kind of transport is the most effective to take if you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) the response is to travel by motorcoach. If you would like to be environmentally responsible, travel by coach!

Overall, studies have shown that train journey is more effective travel is more efficient than traveling by train than traveling by plane and bus. In reality, the UCS reports can decrease their emissions by up to 75%. National Geographic did a test to test the degree of carbon emitted per passenger between Toronto and New York — a bus emitted 24 kg of carbon per passenger while a train totaled 84.3 kg of carbon passenger. That’s a significant difference! Especially for one trip. Traveling green may appear overwhelming, however it may be just as straightforward as booking an environmentally friendly coach instead of a train or airplane for another trip. We can make a difference, when all of us make little changes to our everyday lives!

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