Portland Oregon, A Place For Green Living

Portland has once called the whitest big city of America, but is rapidly changing into a diverse city of a Hispanic and Asian community. Portland as it is popularly known has plenty of rain, liberal leaning populace, coffee guzzling residents, tree loving people and a paradise for bicycle riding public.

Portland is well known for its clean environment and an eco-friendly city in the Northwest Pacific. Portland buses are among the most environmentally friendly fleet of public transportation in the United State. And among the leading eco-friendly Bus Company in Portland is the Northwest Navigator, a recipient of several green awards and commendations. Commuting in the big city of Portland is unusually easy and fast for its size. Portland boasts an efficient public transportation system as one of the best in the United State. It also boasts a pedestrian and bicycle friendly streets.

Living and or relocating to Portland, the Hawthorne District could be your best place. Several beautiful bungalow houses, which are the former homes of artisan and craftsman of olden years, are being restored to its former beauty. The streets are lined with century old trees and run parallel to the Willamette River that gives the neighborhood the ambiance of rural area. The main Boulevard is lined with local coffee shops that offer specialty brewed coffee, antique and souvenir shops, restaurants that serves vegan and organic food, pubs that serve specialty and organic brews and ales, and some trendy saloons and clothing shops.

The neighborhood has an easy access to a regular commuter bus service from Northwest Navigator in the traveling to and from any destination in Portland, Bend and other nearby areas in Oregon and Northwest Pacific places. For your Portland bus schedules, just log on to www.nwnavigator.com. You can easily access the Portland bus schedule or you can visit their office personally at 6309 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, Oregon.

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