Portland Party Bus – The Best Option for Your Transport Needs

So you are assigned to handle of preparing and planning your senior class night out for senior prom night this year! Where do you start, what exactly do you need to do first? You would like everybody to arrive to the prom and back home again safely, and also on time. You realize any late arrivals won’t be allowed in the prom this year, so it’s likely to be a stretch getting all 70 of you to the facility on time. You will find a perfect solution! Call a Portland party bus for your transportation needs! They are going to pick up each senior from their home or a specified area and transport them straight to the prom site, or if you want to drop by the school for some group pictures, they will do that as well. Their uniformed professional and experienced drivers are at your disposal from the minute you step on the bus.

You can take a trip in ‘high’ style with a double-decker Portland party bus that is very exciting for large groups who wish to travel at the same time. Or if you only want to transport small groups of your best friends and their dates, you can hire smaller luxury buses for as few as 20 and up to 50 guests. You may be the person in charge of organizing a night out for your company’s sales people who are coming into town for a week of conferences and reviews. You are remembering a similar time last year when they all had arrived with their own rental cars and it was a nightmare hoping to get everyone in one place, all at once? Not to mention the parking nightmare for 30 cars!

Getting a Portland bus that can take up to 35 people with room to spare will solve all your problems. These wonderful luxury machines are a club on wheels and with two separate lounges and an amazing sound system your guests will have an experience which enables them forget the tedious week of meetings and reviews! Portland party bus is the ideal choice for a group of friends who wants to go to dinner and then a club afterwards and celebrate the night together. Have the party bus to gather your passengers and transport the group from the restaurant and then off to the club. Once the night is done, your friends are securely returned to their point of departure or wherever you choose from there on!

This really is one awesome fun way to transport guests for any celebration. If you are planning a hens or stags’ night pre wedding you can definitely have a night to remember!Wedding events are very popular with this form of transport and the bridal party can be transported in very sleek, high-class limos for the big day! After you have experienced the comfort and fun of getting a Portland party bus it will certainly be your preferred way to travel if you have guests to transport. Portland bus is an exciting from the minute you get on board, you already know you are safe, there is a DJ on board to obtain the party rolling and the only issue you need to take into consideration is having the best time ever.

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