Charter bus is very convenient way to take family and friends out for party, as it is always good to travel together to the party destination. It is very convenient because the cost involving in owning one Bus can be very expensive and Charted Bus comes with a very experienced driver who knows the roads very well. Hence Portland party charter bus has been number one choice of clients in Portland due to their high quality and safe motor coach for large or small groups.

Travelling in groups makes the bonding of people travelling more strong since they share the ride together where they interact with each other closely and it is more effective and enjoyable when you are with your family, friends and colleagues. Today, in this technology savvy world it is sometimes hard to see your own family members for years even if they live close by. People are so engrossed in their work and personal life that they hardly take out time for their loved ones. It is a brilliant idea to get a charter bus for parties and travelling. This way one can spend maximum time with the loved ones from the precious time taken out from busy lifestyle.

Portland party charter bus is always available at your service whenever you require a motor coach. Taking care of all your requirements, Northwest Navigator Motor coaches provide its clients the best quality and most luxurious service in the whole of Portland. Keeping in mind the customer’s health and to help keep the environment clean and beautiful, Northwest Navigator Motor coach have the equipments which are environment friendly. It is actually Portland’s first bus company which is Green Certification promoting the beautiful Northwest future.


It is surely the best transportation companies in the world which is growing at very high rate. The workers are customer friendly and the drivers are very reliable, responsible and supportive. Travelling was never so luxurious and beautiful where you need not to own a bus for travelling in groups because Northwest Navigator brings it all to you when you need it.

Whether it is your wedding, birthday or any kind of part, you just need to contact Northwest Navigator and your transportation problem is solved. Portland party charter bus at Navigator is fully equipped for your safe journey. Let your party be a memorable one by choosing the best of everything including your transportation.

There is no reason indeed as to why one will not choose the Northwest Navigator for party charter bus since they are the best in the whole Portland. As being a company who continues its mission to provide its customers with the best service and environment friendly equipments, it is the duty of the citizens to go for the products and services which are environment friendly as well, only then there will be a Green Future. Therefore it is advised to the customers to contact the Northwest Navigator Motor coach for your party charter bus today for they are the only bus company with Green Certification.

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