Portland, The City Of Bikers

Oregon is a beautiful place. The state is in the foreground in clean and green environment movement in the United State. The Northwest Navigator, a Portland bus company is the first to be the recipient as Green Certified Bus Company in the West Coast. All of the Northwest Portland buses use BioDiesel fuel that emits less toxic gasses as those buses that use ordinary diesel fuel. Living in a place with cleaner environment is definitely beneficial to one’s health.

At the center stage of clean and green environment movement, Portland has become one of the most livable cities in the US. It’s a city with the most extensive bike lanes. Portland Cycle Tracks and Buffered Bike Lanes is a demonstration of the city’s effort to promote a greener environment in the city. More and more people will go to work riding in bicycle rather than automobiles and cars as the project aims to improve the safety of bicycle riders around the city.

Cycle Tracks will also encourage more people to use bikes in going around the city who are not comfortable in a mixed traffic environment, wherein, cars and bicycles use the same road network. This is a good idea in an effort for greener environment that, people running a quick errand could use bicycles instead of cars. Bicycle boxes are part of the infrastructure for a safe depository of bikes. This project is also welcomed by bikers as they could enjoy the ride as a form of physical exercise.

The use of biodiesel of the Northwest Navigator to fuel their Portland buses is their contribution to the overall effort for a greener environment. In addition the company is using rainwater to clean their buses and motor coaches that comes from their rain water harvesting facility. They also installed heating equipment at their repair and maintenance facility fueled by waste motor oil discarded from their vehicles.

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