Pumpkin Season At Roloff’s Farm

Just a few miles from Portland, a great place to spend a family outing is in Washington County, Oregon. The pumpkin season is just around the corner and your kids and your friend’s kids would love it much. With about an hour of ride in a Portland bus, your kids could see several varieties of pumpkins of any size, colors and shape. Isn’t it exciting if the kids would choose and pick the pumpkin they liked on the ground at the Roloff’s Farm?

Roloff’s Farm is owned by Matt and Amy Roloff, which they purchased in 1990. It’s a 34 acre farm that lies between rolling hills outside Portland. The farm at the time they purchased it consists of an old dilapidated farmhouse, a broken barn and unattended overgrown peach trees. Matt who is fascinated with the rural life envisioned that the property will be an ideal home for his family. It will be a magical place for his children. After making some restoration and repair works, he started to build a Tom Sawyer like adventure land. A huge pirate ship was built in on the property together with a three storey tree fort and wonderful Western Town with underground tunnels. He later added a football field, a ground pool and many other imaginative playing structures. He was able to develop the farm to be a successful agricultural venture, an Agri-Eco tourism and event center, and important tourist attraction during the pumpkin season.

Let your kids enjoy with the Roloff’s Farm pumpkin season with the following adventures; hay pyramid, kiddy train ride, spooky forest trail loop, tarantula track, corn stalk maze, sling shot contest, obstacle courses and many more. Don’t miss the pumpkin season, call the Northwest Navigator and book your kids on Portland Buses tour to Roloff’s Farm and let them experience the fun and excitement.

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