Motorcoach Rental Process

Step 1. Stalk us. There are a few key factors to consider when seeking a qualified motorcoach operator for your charter. As the first step in the motorcoach rental process, do your research and look for things such as their safety record, company values, as well as how long they’ve been in business, and the size, variety, and age of their fleet.

Step 2Get your ducks in a row. There are several variables that factor into arriving at your quote. We will need as many details about your trip as you can give us, most importantly, dates, times, departure location, and destination. Having this information available from the beginning will provide you with an accurate quote the first time around.

Step 3Make contact. Once you’ve decided that Northwest Navigator is a company you feel good about and you have gathered your pertinent information, call our Expedition Specialists at 503.285.3000 . If you’re not quite ready to talk to us, feel free to complete our handy online quote form. It’s quick and easy to use!

Step 4Don’t bite your fingernails! Once your Expedition Specialist has your information, he/she will begin their work putting a quote together for your trip. We strive to have all of our quotes fulfilled and back to you same day, but there are instances every once in a while, that take a bit more time.

Step 5Get that ball rolling! Thank you for choosing Northwest Navigator! The next step is to contact your Expedition Specialist to confirm our quote. You can call us at 503.285.3000, or if you’re still not up to talking to us, feel free to email our team.  Prior to sending you a contract, your agent will need a few more details, including your business name (if applicable), address, and phone number. Be sure to have those “ducks” in a row again!

Step 6Sign here, please. You will be sent a Confirmation for your review. Please sign and return it to our office, along with the required deposit. Final payment, as well as a detailed itinerary is required 21 days prior to your departure date.

Step 7. Celebrate. Relax and rest assured you have secured one of the highest quality Motorcoach Service, Equipment and Operators in the nation.  Now, leave the rest up to us!