Seeing the Details Makes a Difference for Your Tour Group

  1. Makes a Difference for Your Tour Group, charter bus portland oregon

When you work in the tourism industry, your business revolves around keeping people happy. The opposite is also true; if you slack on the small things, especially in the hospitality industry, it doesn’t go unnoticed and will likely affect your business in negative ways.

What are some factors you should do to increase your customers’ experience? From simple extras you can throw in that they won’t be requiring to paying attention to the type of people you hire, here are a few suggestions that can impact your business in profound ways.

Be particular about who you hire to work for you. Working with people may be a strong point for you, but you might not always be able to be the one that interacts with customers. If that’s the scenario, ensure that whoever is collaborating with customers is someone who is able to be diplomatic, great with people, tactful and kind. While you don’t wish to hire pushovers, you do want to hire people who can keep their calm and be professional, even (and especially!) in tense situations, and when handling customers who may be ignited, rude, or derogatory. This is crucial. If customers have a negative experience, social media alone can cripple your business (cuz everyone and their dog is likely to learned about it if customers post details about their trip). Bottom line? Ensure the people you’ve got working for you are truly helping your business, not against it.

In the hospitality industry, your work centers on the happiness of your customers. Make their comfort and convenience your primary goal, seeking out (and welcoming) their feedback on what can be done better. Especially if you are in the beginning years of doing this type of work and establishing a thriving business, it takes fine tuning.

It can not be overstated that the first impression your guests have of the room they are staying in can make all the difference. Make sure it smells good. Make sure the lighting contributes to making the room feel comfortable and cozy and inviting.

Sure, you may have each day scheduled with plans of places to go and things to do, but when the guests have down time, emphasize giving them the best. Have a fantastic chef that serves up remarkable meals if you’re dining in-house. If you’re going out on the town, hit all the culinary locations. And when it’s time to relax, have top-of-the-line selections that are geared toward your guests’ enjoyment and relaxation. You want them to leave their experience with you feeling
rejuvenated, rested, and pampered.

Throw in simple, small, unexpected perks– things that make your guests’ stay with you a cut above the rest. These small things alone show that someone was paying extra attention to making the experience more enjoyable and pleasant, and it will leave an impression that won’t be forgotten.

Doing work in the hospitality business implies focusing on people. If you can keep them happy, they’ll keep your business prospering– a win-win for everyone involved. Truly, once and for all, the little things make all the difference.

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