Skip Breakneck Traveling, Go Elect and Green for ‘Slow Travel’

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We have seen it a million times before, friends and influencers on Instagram jumped from one country to another through plane. Often spending just a day or two in each nation. While traveling to countries with bus rental portland is no doubt culturally and striking fulfilling, a new trend of ‘slow travel’ has emerged to save the environment and give rise to travelers. This trend has come to be largely in part the coined expression’flygskam’ or ‘flight shame.’

Though a few years ago, flight shaming may have appeared somewhat extreme, it has become more and more clear that traveling via plane is awful for the environment. Just one flight may emit 3,000 lbs of CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s equal to nearly 3 weeks of the typical driver’s car emissions. So what can be done if you want to decrease your carbon footprint and also be eco-friendly, but you also wish to learn more about the world? Slow travel!

You just take in each area one at a time, when traveling slow. Though you might think you need to give up all conveniences when slow travel, the fact is that can travel in comfort via bus rental portland for the most bang for the buck! Many motorcoaches offer you onboard restrooms and entertainment options, onboard wifi, and other amenities giving a comfortable and environmentally friendly sustainable motor vehicle. Slow traveling allows you to experience more of this means you’ll come home with a greater appreciation of the culture and what makes an area unique for contributing for a better earth for tomorrow while at the same time feeling proud of yourself.

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