Some Good Reasons To Go To Bend On The Weekend With The Kids

Every Saturday the Northwest Crossing Neighborhood Center an outdoor farmers market in Bend Oregon will come alive starting June 29 to September 21, 2013 with live music and a display of local artworks from local artists. Bring your family on Saturdays with bus from Portland to Bend and have your kids see and taste fresh organic vegetables and fruits produced by Oregon organic farmers. There are also eggs, meat and milks organically produced and artisan cheese. Fresh seafood is also available.

You don’t have to worry about your traveling time; the Northwest Navigator has a prompt and regular Bend to Portland bus schedule and vice versa. There are several good reasons to bring your kids to the Farmers Market at Northwest Crossing Neighborhood Center at Bend Oregon on the weekend.

1. Kids love to travel and explore new environments and exciting adventures.
2. Introduce them to the real world that farmers are the one who produce their wholesome and healthy foods. Allow them to talk with real organic farmers in Bend to understand better how the food they eat is being grown and taking care of.
3. Inculcate in their young minds the importance of eating organic foods and its health benefits. Let them become aware that most processed foods found in the grocery store contain toxic preservatives. Also, most vegetables found in the supermarket were produced by large farm using highly toxic Agrochemicals and growth hormones that are very inimical to our good health.
4. Teach them to cook the food they bought at the Farmers Market, this will make them experience the joy and fun of cooking healthy foods.

Taking them to travel is the real process of learning through experience and a direct contact with farmers will make them fully understood the benefits of organic, wholesome and healthy foods. Call Northwest Navigator and have a seat reservation for your family in one of their buses from Portland to Bend.

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