Statewide Success! 2 Offices in Portland and Bend

Since its inception, Northwest Navigator, a luxury motorcoach company in
Portland Oregon, has been carving a niche for itself by offering luxury equipment
and a uncompromising commitment to its costumers. Their journey to becoming
the regions leader in high quality Motorcoach transportation culminated this week
with the acquisition of Journey Coaches, a long time provider of motorcoach
services based in Bend Oregon.
What started as a small women owned business with only 2 motorcoaches has
transformed into a powerful company that is serving the transportation needs of
the Portland and Eugene markets including such community leaders as Nike,
Intel, Oregon State University and more. Northwest Navigator’s commitment to a
luxury experience from the ?rst call to the moment you step off the motorcoach,
has driven their business to new heights even as other providers in their market
have experienced signi?cant setbacks.
The acquisition of Journey Coaches marks a major milestone for the growing
company as it gives them the ability to serve the eastern side of both Oregon and
Washington in a way that no other transportation company in the region can.
“When we learned that Journey Coaches was interested in partnering with us, we
dropped everything we were doing and went to talk to them. This is a great
opportunity for us to not only grow our ability to serve our local market but to
bring the things that have allows us to thrive in Portland to the Bend and
Redmond area. We love Bend, and are so excited to be able to bring the
Northwest Navigator name into such an exciting market,” said Joe Gillis,
president, Northwest Navigator.
With a client base in Bend and Redmond that includes the vast majority of
attractions, casinos, school districts and businesses, Journey Coaches is a very
successful feather in the Northwest Navigator cap. “Journey Coaches is the
perfect ?t with our company. We have always seen our company as a family. We
love that about our business and so do our clients. Journey Coaches shares that
value with us and as we have started to roll the two brands together, we have
seen that our suspicions were correct, that they have represented our same
values in their market. We are thrilled to be partnering with a company that has
had such a great track record in the region.” Gillis continued.”We are not going to come and try to rebuild Journey Coaches, we are excited to
build on the foundation that they have already built over the last (NUMBER)
years and make that even better. It has been our unwavering commitment to
customer service, top notch equipment and professionalism that has set us apart
in the Portland market and we are thrilled to be growing these same ideals with
our Journey Coaches family in Bend,” said Roxanne Gillis, Co-founder and CEO
of Northwest Navigator.
This growth along with their impeccable record in the Portland market has poised
Northwest Navigator to become the preeminent transportation provider in the
region and ensures that their customers will have the equipment, service, safety
and quality that they have come to expect no matter where their group is
located. In only (5?) years Northwest Navigator has quickly become a local and
national leader in the transportation industry and has been accumulating a host
of industry and business accolades. Recently they were awarded the ?rst Green
Certi?ed motorcoach carrier on the west coast in recognition of their commitment
to the environment and for the operational efforts they make to ensure a greener
tomorrow. This includes their clean burning, late model, motorcoach ?eet that
burns bio-diesel exclusively and their driver training program that reduces
carbon emissions on all of their trips. They have also received the ?rst ever
Trusted Carrier plates, which are issued by the FMCSA (federal motor carrier
safety administration) who is tasked with the safety of the public traveling on
motorcoaches nationally. Their growth and accolades do not stop with
the their own industry as they were recently named one of the top hundred
fastest growing private companies in Portland, as well as a Top Women Owned
Business, and the Washington County Visitors Association Sustainable Tourism
Northwest Navigator believes that while a trip maybe measured in miles, the
journey is measured in moments and luckily for their customers it shows
in everything that they do. This merger is no exception. “There has been a lot of
turnover in the charter bus business lately in our market, we have seen some of
the biggest companies around start to close up shop or sell to outside entities.
We have chosen to not be the transportation solution for every group, but what
we do we are the very best at. Business has never been better and we are
thrilled at the opportunity this new merger represents,” Roxanne continued.The future looks bright for this Oregon based business and with a location now in
the eastern side of the state, it looks like their mission to stake claim as the best
transportation provider in the region is more then a distant vision, it is a reality. If
you or your group is traveling in the Oregon area, Northwest Navigator is the
clear leader if you are looking for top notch equipment, knowledgeable and
friendly staff, and an uncompromising commitment to safety.
Joe Gillis perhaps said it best, “when people travel, we know that they have
choices. We work every day to ensure that we are that choice. It is why we do
this, to provide safe, luxurious equipment with friendly, knowledgeable staff is our
passion and it is the passion of the people we are working with now in Bend. This
is a journey that we are excited to be on and we appreciate each and every one
of our customers who supports us every day. It is for them that we work so hard!”
For more information on Northwest Navigator you can visit their website here.
For travel in the Bend Redmond area or to learn more about the Journey
Coaches arm of the company you can visit this site.

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